Email virus, advice please

  nickyjane 10:52 10 Mar 2004

Hi Guys
As a newcommer to computing i'm getting a little upset with the number of emails with a virus in them that I am getting, although my NAV picks most of them up and I send them to the quarantined items what do i do with them once they are there. Are these virus,s just a fact of life and nothing can be done to stop them. Can I reply to the sender and let them know that they have sent me a virus and give them a piece of my mind at the same time.

  anon1 10:57 10 Mar 2004

dont worry about them just make sure you check nav for updayes very frequently. If they are quarentined they can be deleted if you wish as long as they are not opened.

  paddyjack 11:01 10 Mar 2004

At the moment there are plenty of them around. If you do not recognise the sender leave them alone, and delete as normal.

As anon1 said keep av up to date

  ventanas 11:10 10 Mar 2004

The "sender" that appears to be sending you these infected mails probably knows nothing about them. Their email address will be in someone's address book on an infected machine somewhere. The senders address has been "spoofed" and there is no way of tracing the orginal source.

Just keep putting the infections into quarantine, deleting the mail itself, and then open the quarantine folder in Norton and deleting the infected files. They will eventually cease.

  nickyjane 11:19 10 Mar 2004

Thanks guys, once again you have hepled me out, much appreciated, keep up the good work.
Warmest regards

  Jester2K 12:40 10 Mar 2004

Use software like mailwasher click here or ePrompter click here to look in your mail box before you download your messages. You can delete messages from the server and never have to download viruses or spam again.

Ventanas stated that e.mails can be spoofs. I think this may be happening to me as I am getting around 10 undelivered e.mails returned to me from system administrators each day. These e.mails seem to be advertising generic meds, viagra etc. I am certainly not sending these ads.
I have kept my anti-virus up to date and recently did a deep scan of my computer which reported nothing untoward. I altered my e.mail address too (staying with the same provider - blueyonder,)but they just changed to that address and still come in.
Any advice on getting rid of the problem?

  GaT7 00:27 12 Mar 2004

weebob - Do what Jester2K suggests: Use MailWasher, ePrompter or (my pesonal favourite) POP Peeper -click here. With these programs delete messages of the server without ever having to download them, i.e., they need never even reach your PC.

POP Peeper (sounds like a '70's radio 1 D.J.) I'll give it a try. Thanks.

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