Email Virus

  hawthorn59 17:24 08 Apr 2005

This is weird. I have received about 8 viruses recently as attachments to emails. Luckily Norton found them. They are all just one short sentence eg "stolen" "read this now" "info requested" etc

They all give email addresses where they are supposed to have come from; they look very realistic addresses. Most of them Irish or UK (Im in Ireland). But the weird thing is all the email addrersses are connected to wedding businesses, hotels, stationery etc.

Now there is a forum on an Irish wedding site where I regularly contribute (as I have a choir that sings at weddings) and I have given people my email address. Could this be in some way connected to the site? I think some of the sites who are supposed to have sent me the emails have advertised on this wedding site. Could something have infiltrated their email; but how come no one else is getting them. How could several different sites, in other words, be sending me these? And the common link is weddings....??

Any light to cast??


  octal 17:49 08 Apr 2005

It's possible, there are some virus which will attack someones machine and find a common theme, when it does it forwards itself onto everyones email in the address book.

I received several from a friend of mine who is a musician and it all about musical notes and all manner of other things. Before I opened the email I telephoned him to ask why he was sending all his musical rubbish to me, it then dawned on us that he had a virus on his computer.

  hawthorn59 20:23 08 Apr 2005

Yes I know what youre saying, but this seems to be the reverse of that; Im getting several, but supposedly all from different email addresses! Yet all with wedding theme... It couldnt be co-incidence that all the different addresses were attacked at the same time.

Also, Im pretty certain Im not IN any of the address books of the emails I received. I cant even figure a logical format as to how its happening..!


  stalion 20:39 08 Apr 2005

this is handy for checking your emails on the server click here

  lotvic 23:23 08 Apr 2005

this might explain why emails APPEAR to come from different senders when only one pc is infected

quote from McAfee website: "This W32/Klez variant has the ability to spoof the email FROM: field. The senders address used by the virus, may be one that was found on the infected user's system. Thus, it may appear that you have received this virus from one person, when it was actually sent from a different user's system. Viewing the entire email header will display the actual senders address. "

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