Email trouble

  MoiraB 17:10 26 Jul 2004

My daughter sent me four emails each supposedly with 25 photos. Two of the emails have arrived each time I log on to the server but each time I get the message "Some messages could not be retrieved from the server. This generally happens when the connection to the server is lost due to a server or network problem. If the problem persists contact your administrator." I am still connected to the internet so the connection was not lost. The emails that have arrived show a .pdf file attached but when I try to open it it says it cannot find the path. I have Adobe Reader so I should be able to open it.
The biggest problem is that she sent them last Wednesday and they appear to be stopping any other emails from getting in. Any solutions?

  whybe 17:21 26 Jul 2004

Has you or your daughter got an email limit? Some ISP's limit the size that it allows emails to be sent. For example the size of emails I can send is 10mb but a friend of mines is only 5k. This may be causing the problem especially with photographs.

  watchful 18:25 26 Jul 2004

This could be a blocked e-mail and if you go to your ISP's homepage there should be instructions on how to unblock the box.

  MoiraB 12:26 27 Jul 2004

So far can't find anything on the homepage on how to unblock the box. I know it's probably the photos that caused it and I'm not too worried about getting them but I would like to get any other emails that have been sent since last Wed.

  beeuuem 13:15 27 Jul 2004

You could try to remove 'stuck' mail from the server by going to click here - navigate to your mail and read/delete as required.

  watchful 18:20 27 Jul 2004

As beeuuem says, that is what I was trying to describe....a stuck e-mail.
I am with wanadoo and on the homepage Help section there are instructions for deleting stuck e-mails.
The link that beeuuem gives does the same thing.

  MoiraB 11:42 28 Jul 2004

Thanks all, solved it with telnet.

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