Email stopped working on this PC

  bumpkin 23:28 18 Nov 2014

Hi all, my Email has stopped working, says it requires a password for xxx What password does it require? tried everything that I can think of including restore, it was working a few days back. Using W7 home. I can send mail on another XP machine. I am using Thunderbird.

Any suggestions please.

  alanrwood 10:05 19 Nov 2014

Have you set the correct authentication protocol ie password/SSL-TLS etc in the outgoing server settings.

  bumpkin 12:26 19 Nov 2014

Thanks, I have not altered anything or entered a password or even turned it off but this morning it is working again.

  [DELETED] 13:03 19 Nov 2014

I get problems sometimes too. I never found out why.

Your Thunderbird account passwords should be the same as if you logged in manually via TalkTalk email website page.

click here email address not screenname for Thunderbird.


You can view your Thunderbird Passwords via Tools> Options> Security> Passwords> Saved Passwords> Show Passwords

Write them down. Then remove old and duplicate entries.

Note that anyone with your computer can see these passwords (or potentially any malware exploit)

To be a bit more secure, you can set the Master Password and all future passwords will be encrypted.

But the old ones are still stored unencrypted somewhere. So if you have written them down, Remove All.

Then re-enter with your Master Password set.

You would need to enter this every time you start Thunderbird.


Same also applies to Firefox so you could also tidy up Password entries (and set Master) via Tools> Options> Security> etc there, if you wished.


  [DELETED] 13:07 19 Nov 2014

Edit: "You would need to enter this every time you start Thunderbird."

means you only have to type the Master Password every time, not all your passwords!!

  Ian in Northampton 14:37 19 Nov 2014

I'd guess there was a temporary glitch with your ISP, which I guess is TalkTalk. It happens occasionally to me with my ISP (PlusNet) but generally corrects itself very quickly. I'm guessing the password it was looking for is the one you set up to access TalkTalk.

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