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  bear73 09:31 22 Sep 2011


I was hoping for a bit of advice as I get a bit confused over email settings for desktop, iphone etc.

I had an issue with my iphone which meant I had to do a full restore, this worked but sent over 6,000 emails back into my tiscali inbox on my phone. There is no option to delete them all, its a select one by one and delete by the looks of it. Anyway, I was wondering why this happened as they were all previously deleted off the phone (I only had about 6 emails in my tiscali inbox on the phone before I restored). Something do to with copies on the server I suppose?

I use Microsoft Office Outlook to view my tiscali account on my home desktop and I also use Microsoft Office outlook on my netbook. I remember when I set it up on my netbook I ticked some option somewhere about leaving a copy on the server so I could also see all my mails if I logged on to the netbook as opposed to the desktop.

I find I hardly use the netbook now and often turn it on to find thousands of mails in the inbox even though I have read/filed/deleted them from my main desktop account. I end up just deleting them in one go.

What is the best option for me if I just want manage them primarily from my desktop? I still want to get emails on my iphone and netbook but if I have already deleted it from the desktop I don't mind it going from the iphone/netbook. I certainly don't want it to download thousands of emails from the server if I restore again.

Is this an easy fix? Is it wise to not keep copies on the server? I suppose it means if I delete it from desktop its gone and then can't log on to netbook or iphone to read it again?

Help appreciated, thanks.

P.S. I have gmail account that I only use occasionally and if I delete a mail from there on my desktop it deletes if from the iphone and vice versa. Easier to delete an email by mistake but better for housekeeping (I hate lots of emails in my inbox, i am a read and delete or file kind of girl :-))

  Woolwell 11:15 22 Sep 2011

In Outlook have a look under account settings - change - more settings and the advanced tab and untick leave a copy on the server.

imap may be better than pop. imap instead of pop works by having the messages on the server. On your iphone you will see all messages but not those deleted. However if you leave it for a few days then you will still get large downloads if you get a lot of e-mails. Alternatively consider webmail, especially on the netbook.

  bear73 12:21 22 Sep 2011

Thanks, couldn't remember where the leave a copy on the server option was. Have done that now. Thanks.

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