Email set-up - confused!

  Jonathan314159 18:20 28 Dec 2003

I used to use Tiscali for my dial-up ISP. Have recently joined with Pipex for broadband and am very pleased with it, but am not happy with email.

I would prefer to continue to use my old Tiscali and Lineone email addresses. But obviously want to use the broadband access to download the emails.

In Outlook Express (v6) it checks the Pipex address, then struggles with the Lineone address - it asks whether I want to try to connect using the same server or whether I should redial using the Tiscali number. If I try to connect using the same server sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt.

It never lets me send an email using the Lineone address unless I dial up using the Tiscali number.

Is this normal, or am I just being a bit dim with some settings?

  VoG II 18:22 28 Dec 2003

You will only be able to Send mail using your current account - Pipex. All ISPs have this policy.

  DieSse 18:25 28 Dec 2003

You cannot SEND an email other than via the ISP you are connected with, under most circumstances - they simply don't let you do so.

If your Tiscali one works sometimes, then I would guess the settings are OK (otherwise it probably would never work) - so I surmise that's just a Tiscali problem.

To stop the "Do you want to disconnect...." mesage - go to your Tiscali email account settings, and choose the Connection tab. take the tick out of the box "Always connect using"

  Jonathan314159 18:51 28 Dec 2003

Cheers that's helped me a lot.

I've now checked through all my settings, and had got some spurious one in one of the Tiscali accounts (why this had happened I have no idea) which was giving me failures when it checked for emails. Now that is corrected I can get Pipex to download all emails from all accounts.

And I just need to send emails using Pipex, that's fine.

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