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  jtt 12:51 07 Feb 2008

I'd be interested in people's opinions on email servers. Exchange is pretty expensive. There are some free ones around. Has anyone tried any? I'm thinking of one to cover around 3 people working on different PCs across three different rooms. They currently get the same emails via Outlook on each computers, and as a result, it's tricky for them to know who has replied to what. They want to keep a single email address since they have to cover for one another.

  computerboy1000 13:24 07 Feb 2008

click here

will set up an online demo and post link here

  computerboy1000 13:27 07 Feb 2008
  computerboy1000 13:27 07 Feb 2008

password: demouser

  computerboy1000 13:28 07 Feb 2008

and it is free

any questions please ask

  computerboy1000 19:57 07 Feb 2008

it is the same system as Sky use

  silverous 21:36 07 Feb 2008

Also considered "hosted" exchange - you will find people offering this from a few pounds per user per month. They will do backups etc. etc. - it depends how much control you want over the data and the server.

Here's a couple of reviews of other (commercial) alternatives:

click here

click here

Also, what about considering Open Source options (allegedly "free" !) ?

Here's an article on that:

click here

  LastChip 01:51 08 Feb 2008

You can build a very cheap mail server, which can incorporate spam filters, anti-virus software and just about anything else you want.

  jtt 12:37 08 Feb 2008

Thanks for your replies - I'll take a look over the next few days.

With the google one, do you have to use gmail/googlemail email addresses? That doesn't look very business like if so.

Linux may be perfect, but the though of having to learn another operating system and have an extra PC makes it a no-no for me.

  silverous 13:24 08 Feb 2008

Google will allow you to point a domain at it - it used to be called GAFYD (Google Apps For Your Domain) - it may be called something different now but you setup google then aim your DNS records at it and it is reasonably transparent that you are using google.

The downside is, and we found this, business people don't seem to like using google mail/calendar much when compared to - for example - the features of Outlook and Exchange combined. You also don't have the control over the data and the backup/DR aspects of it.

Google would be my last option out of those described above.

  computerboy1000 16:19 09 Feb 2008


in answer to your question and if you look at my posts above you use your own domain, you should try the demo i have set up, then you can see how it works, even though i cannot control backups I stil feel safe and email and calander has not gone down, the email address for the demo is [email protected].

I found out that Sky are using the google apps system.


this is the system that i use, please checkout the demo i have created

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