Email retrieval - error report

  derekw 21:28 09 Oct 2003

Having problems with email - when I do a Send/Receive with Outlook Express I pickup mail normally but just lately 2 error reports are also flagged e.g.
"Message number 1 could not be retrieved. Account: 'Derek', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR cannot open disk file error 2', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800420CD"

PoP3 Scan Mailbox receives similar error.

So, do I have a couple of crap files on the ISP's server and can ONLY they sort the problem?

  oglemire 21:52 09 Oct 2003

If you have MS office you could try to collect your mail using Outlook. This would rule out or confirm a problem with Outlook Express. If you are succesfull you should run the repair utility for IE in add/remove programs.

  AndyJ 21:58 09 Oct 2003

I think you're probably going to have to contact the ISP. It sounds like a corrupt mailbox or files on the server.
Does your ISP offer a webmail service too? If so try accessing the mailbox through that. If it's faulty it will probably come up with an error like "this service is not functioning at the moment". It also of course doesn't go throught the POP server, so if it works you'll know the POP server is at fault and not the mailbox perce.

You could try deleting the offending files using TelNet, but if you're unsure how to do it I'd let your ISP sort it out for you.

  derekw 22:16 09 Oct 2003

Oglemire: Good idea, went and did that but same relt...

Andy]: I'm in contact with the Tiscali help desk but their line is to coach me thru flushing the cache on my PC etc. They also suggested the Webmail angle but I have never initiated that service and when I tried to access it earlier today I only saw white space - the page did not load. I had mail waiting, I'd sent it to myself (Sad, eh?).
I'm convinced it is the POP server as you suggest.

  Gee Tee 23:29 09 Oct 2003

i am having same problem today my server
is, i can send e-mail
but i cant recieve it.

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