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  geedad 23:17 25 Apr 2010

I have used MSGTAG in the past, but it does not seem to work any more. I need to know if my emails have been read by my family. Does anyone know of a free app. like this,please?

  Rahere 15:01 26 Apr 2010

There is a free version of MSGTAG which claims to work with Outlook and Outlook Express. Looking at this closely it seems it does work with other programs but requires you to import your mail and settings into their program too.

Outlook and Outlook Express have read receipt notifications built in but the recipient has to OK the receipt message being sent when opening.

see click here for more info.

  March Hare 16:30 26 Apr 2010

I stopped using MSGTAG when they had their recent problems and became unreliable.

I switched to Spypig click here, much better than MSGTAG.

  geedad 17:58 26 Apr 2010

March Hare
I use OE 6, and I note that SpyPig requires that HTML be chosen instead of plain text. How will this affect my normal send and receive emails?
Also, I am instructed to go to "Tools", "Options" and the tab, "Mail Format" - I can't find "Mail Format" after clicking on "Options"!
Does the application need to be downloaded?

  geedad 18:01 26 Apr 2010

Thanks, Rahere
but I have had enough of MSGTAG, but I do appreciate your response.

  March Hare 18:31 26 Apr 2010

No, Spypig doesn't need to be downloaded,you log in to the reference above and use it online from there.

My Outlook Express has always been set to use HTML. Have another look under Tools > Options > Send; you should find it near the bottom of the page.

Good luck MH

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