Email in "draft" How to edit and send? MS Outlook 2010

  Yimbo 18:09 11 Sep 2014

I have a partially composed lengthy email which I had to leave to finish later. It's in the "draft" folder. How do I retrieve it for completion and sending?


  lotvic 18:20 11 Sep 2014

just open it, type in rest of what you want to say and click on 'Send'

  Yimbo 10:02 12 Sep 2014

Thanks lotvic - - There's no option under drafts to "open" the email. What I've now done is copy and paste it into a new email. That has worked.

  lotvic 12:01 12 Sep 2014

Some people say this is the 'fix': "Go to the draft folder and click on the email you want to send. This will open the message in the read panel. Below the text of the email to the left you will see "continue writing" and "delete". Click "continue" and then the SEND button shows up."

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