Email question--incredible mail

  Bevlee 13:04 25 Apr 2004

When you type a letter in the -to field -a lot of old addresses come up that you do not use anymore.
They are not in the address book
How do you get rid of them?Explorer6 windows milenium

  Dipso 21:55 25 Apr 2004

I just tested this and it worked for me.

How do I delete or edit a contact in my Address Book?

A: To delete/edit a contact, please follow these simple steps:

Right-click (the right mouse button) on the contact or group that you would like to delete or edit from the "Key Contact" list in the IncrediMail main window.

If you would like to delete the contact, select yes and confirm deletion

  Bevlee 23:48 25 Apr 2004

They are not in my contacts anywhere
Its ppl in my msn group who wrote i did not reply to them the names and email just stayed on my pc
I get lots of msn mail so there are lots of old entrys
Somehow they are being saved and I cant figure why or how

  Peter 01:48 26 Apr 2004


I am not sure if this will work, but it's worth a try. When the list of names appear, move the highlight down to one that you want to get rid of and press the DELETE key. It should be removed from the list.


  Bevlee 09:52 26 Apr 2004

I did try that and it does not get rid of them i guess ill have to live with it

  Dipso 12:29 26 Apr 2004

Sorry I couldn't help.

Why don't you email Incredi-Mail support and ask them. Surely they have come across it before. If you click on Help in Incredimail, you are directed to the Help site and can email them from there.

  Bevlee 13:08 26 Apr 2004

Ill try that but they never reply ill go through all the suggestions again
Thanks for your help

  lindyloo4 17:25 26 Apr 2004

What Peter told you will work,I've done it loads of times, just keep the mouse key depressed while on the highlighted address then hit the delete button.


  Lionheart ? 17:40 26 Apr 2004

What lindyloo4 suggests works a treat, always wondered how to get rid myself.

  Bevlee 19:30 26 Apr 2004

Going to try again what a pain
Mega thanks Bevlee

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