email quality and filters

  immer 16:14 24 Apr 2014

I would like to know if there has been a good comparative discussion lately about which might be the best email provider. I used to use outlook express and though it seemed to be getting flack it worked for me. I looked at some more modern types but have been using Monzilla for the past few years. Lately my spam has got to silly levels (60 spam to 1 real message.) I made filters on individual addresses for ages but now I am overwhelmed and havn't the time to keep trashing the rubbish. More over my email address seems to have been misappropriated & I'm getting spam from addresses very similar to my own. yes,I use "Malwarebytes". Is it worth changing addresses to escape the spam?

  lotvic 17:36 24 Apr 2014

The eternal problem - spam emails :(

I use (amongst others) the free email addresses, their spam and virus filter seems to be good. They send me an email with the headers of what they've marked as spam so I can then login online (webmail) and if there are any that are not spam I can mark them appropriately, also any in the Inbox that are spam can be marked as such.

  immer 10:14 26 Apr 2014

Well that's another one to try. Thanks.But I would like to know who it was that gave them my address in the first place - they do the advertisers no favours at all. And some of the things they send are simply inexcusable.

  lotvic 11:55 26 Apr 2014

email addresses are 'harvested' from the internet via bots, so anywhere you have used it it becomes vulnerable. Another way is if someone's address book has been hacked or they have a virus/malware on their pc and spam is sent to all the addresses on their pc and then to all the addresses on the next pc and so on.

And another way is a program (virus/malware) that generates email addresses to send to, a lot are not valid and don't get delivered but a lot more are valid and received by the general public. It is not 'a person' really, it is automated through malicious code (no human input is needed) so no-one has personally singled you out to receive the emails.

Do not open them or respond in any way - never click on the 'Unsubscribe' link as that just verifies your email address and you will receive even more spam.

Here's some info on email address harvesting click here

Just logon to your webmail and mark them as spam on there. They will eventually die down.

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