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  romford 19:03 24 Oct 2005

Is the 'properties' the same for every email sent from a computer hotmail account or is each one different, please ?

  octal 19:26 24 Oct 2005

I'm not sure quite what you mean by properties. If you mean the properties when the recipient receives an email from a Hotmail account, it depends if the email was sent from the senders own computer using an email client like Outlook or using the web mail.

If you are using Outlook the recipient will see the email was sent from the senders own ISP using their default SMTP, If its sent using web mail it will be the IP address of MSN.

Is that what you are asking? Or have I got it wrong?

  octal 17:58 25 Oct 2005

If you wouldn't mind posting back on the forum rather than using the yellow envelope please. The yellow envelope is for private messages only.

I have posted your reply to me here.


I am receiving emails via msn hotmail. if I right click and scroll to 'properties' on an incoming message does the info identify the specific computer which sends it or would it always be different even if always sent from the same computer? Thanks very much for replying.


You won't be able to identify the computer because the sender could be anywhere in the world and looking in the properties won't help, all you'll see is MSN's IP address and that will remain the same.

  romford 19:53 25 Oct 2005

Thanks very much for replying. You have answered my query exactly and I'm sorry for using the yellow envelope. I thought it was the right place for replies. Thanks again.

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