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  mike40 09:10 12 Jun 2010

My friend is with Orange broadband and uses outlook express. On average she gets over 100 spam emails every day. Would switching to another email program such as Thunderbird help to prevent this. Fortunately I don't get this problem as I use Outlook. I also recall my brother in law had a similar problem when he was with orange but since moving to Talk Talk the problem has improved considerably. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  onthelimit 09:27 12 Jun 2010

'Fortunately I don't get this problem as I use Outlook'

So do I, but the amount of SPAM I get has been increasing steadily. As far as I am aware, the only way to stop it (for a while) is to change email addresses. A pain, but....!

  mike40 09:36 12 Jun 2010

Thanks onthelimit.

I suppose I have been very lucky so far. I'll leave the thread open for a while to see if there are any other suggestions.

  T I M B O 09:49 12 Jun 2010

I know a couple of users that were with, but freeserve changed to The users that are now with orange get about 200 to 500 spam emails a day but orange don't seem to do anything about it.

They changed ISP's

  AL47 09:54 12 Jun 2010

ive gotta say since using gmail my thunderbird delivers 1-2 spam emails a week, i NEVER get the viagra ones, ill just check my gmail spam box...........

  mike40 09:55 12 Jun 2010

Hi T I M B O

I think that is why my brother in law changed. He was away in Australia for a while and asked me to use the webmail and check his messages. I was astonished at how much rubbish he was getting.

  AL47 09:56 12 Jun 2010

i seem to have 10 a day but never see them as they are all filtered

  T I M B O 10:11 12 Jun 2010

I don't get any spam to speak of, maybe one a week.
Just be careful what you fill in when ur on the internet till you trust sites, make a bogus email address.

With orange you should be able to make a new email account, but you are stuck with the original account name of course which is part of the email address. BT so it seems has a good spam blocker I guess.

  mike40 10:18 12 Jun 2010

I am with BT and I see on their homepage they are saying they have the best spam filters. I cannot disagree with that and It may answer why I get very little, most of which goes straight into the spam folder.

  birdface 10:22 12 Jun 2010

I find Widows Live mail very good it stops nearly all [all] in my case of spam e-mails.

  mike40 10:39 12 Jun 2010

Thanks all for you imput. I will pass your suggestions on and hopefully she may at least find a way to reduce it. I will mark it as resolved, although by the sound of it Spam will never be resolved. Thanks buteman windows live mail sounds worth exploring


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