Email Problem following ISP change

  PhiltheFragger 11:54 23 Nov 2003

A chum has just changed from Tiscali Pay as you go Dialup to Onetel ADSL, He has also networked 3 computers together through a router to share the connection.

Network and Broadband are working fine except that his Email no longer works properly,

He has several Email addresses with different servers, He can receive email, but cannot send.

All email accounts are set to connect through the LAN

He is using Outlook from office 2000

My thoughts are that the onetel mail server may not recognise the tiscali or other servers.

Any ideas anybody

  A_World_Maker 12:05 23 Nov 2003

are you trying to retrive your mail from tiscali dialup, with your new Broadband connection? Try logging onto the tiscali website click here and logging in 1st. Dialup accounts normally require you doing this.

  anchor 16:34 23 Nov 2003

I suspect that your friend might not have changed his/her outgoing mail server smtp address in Outlook or Outlook Express.

I don`t know if its different for their ADSL service, but for their pay as you go, it is

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