Email problem

  night 16:56 02 Jul 2010

Having moved my ISP to BT Yahoo mail, but still have Windows Live also set up on the computer. how does ensure that all mail goes to either Windows Live or to Bt Yahoo mail ? and how does one set it to go to one or the other?

  mgmcc 20:17 02 Jul 2010

Mail doesn't *GO* anywhere. If you now have Windows Live Mail configured for use with your BT account, it will log in to the mail server, check for new messages, download them and, depending on your settings, either delete them from the server or leave them for retrieval again with a different computer or email program. Similarly, if accessing with webmail, you can choose whether or not to delete incoming messages.

Messages will be retrieved by whichever email program accesses the server, you cannot stipulate that the ISP's server delivers them to a particular program that you use.

  night 09:14 04 Jul 2010

Thank you mgmcc for your thought's regarding the email problem, but it seems one must use one or the other email program as emails will come into Yahoo mail ok but when one checks in Windows Live they are not there, so if one has two email sources one must use one only it seems?

  birdface 09:36 04 Jul 2010

In live mail go to Tools.Options. and down near the bottom it will give you the choice whether to make it your default web browser or not.
If you make it your default remember to click Apply .Ok.

  lotvic 09:40 04 Jul 2010

As per mgmcc has said:
If you want to collect the same emails in both programs you must configure the email account in both programs to leave a copy on ISP server - or there will be nothing left on the ISP mail server to collect again.

You do not have "two email sources" you have two programs that you can use to collect email.

  birdface 09:57 04 Jul 2010

Default mail handler I should have said.

Whether default or not you should still get your messages on both servers.
I use Incredimail and Windows Live.
If I go to Tools.E-Mail accounts and add Windows Live E-mail account and press syncronise [I think] I can get all messages through Incredimail.
But I prefer having them seperate.
I use one for Family and friends and the other for any other internet dealings.

  night 10:24 04 Jul 2010

Hi butman all very confusing, but I think I get what you mean, it appears my default is Yahoo bt email, as I can see all emails sent and received etc,but on going to Windows Live there are some incoming but no sent so I guess one can forget Windows Live email and remove from desk top but having said that if one clicks on Tools Options one can make it the default. on the other hand if one is away from home it is better to leave set to Yahoo bt in order for one to check emails. but thanks for your interest and help.

  birdface 10:32 04 Jul 2010

Although not the default you can still send E-mails from it.
Like I said I use both Incredimail being the default.

  birdface 10:37 04 Jul 2010

I am just presuming that you have 2 different e-mail addresses.

  Atlantic Man 10:57 04 Jul 2010

You can also redirect emails from one adress to another- check settings or options- Then all mail will be sent from the online server to both emails. cheers

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