email problem

  nobbie 02:53 21 Nov 2008

hi all, i was on virgin broadband until two days ago, when i finished the contract... but d..k head me, forgot that all off my emails were going through the virgin broadband now,,i cant retrieve any emails cuz the contract has finished,,,all i keep getting is the 'please put in your password ' for this account which obviously doesn't work....
SO...all you intelligent there any other way i can receive my emails which would STILL be being sent to my virgin email address.....
i doubt it,,,but live in hope..

  ened 06:38 21 Nov 2008

How about signing up for a PAYG account and using it just to retrieve your mail?

Presumably it will only be a one off as you will have given your new addrerss to your contacts.

  nobbie 10:31 21 Nov 2008

will leave that as an last resort, as i dont want to pay virgin anything... i'm currently using 3 mobile broadband at the mo ...

  ened 14:54 21 Nov 2008

I don't know about Virgin but the isps I know do not charge for PAYG.

All you would pay would be the cost of a call, which shouldn't be very long just to download a few emails.

  Microdot 18:52 21 Nov 2008

Try "mail2web".
You may find you can still access your e-mails on virgin.

Cheers de Art

  skidzy 18:57 21 Nov 2008

Log into the Virgin homepage and retrieve your mail from there or here click here

  nobbie 13:43 22 Nov 2008

tried 'mail2web' which came up error tried the virgin homepage, but that came up as 'account suspended' so i presume its a lost cause !!!!

  ened 14:49 22 Nov 2008

so i presume its a lost cause !!!!

Obviously the mails are not that important to you!!!

The call cost on PAYG will probably be about 10pence max!

  nobbie 15:34 22 Nov 2008

10 pence is alot if only got 9 LOL..
just assumed that i wouldn't be able to retrieve anything if my account has been suspended.. so,, will give the payg a try....
just need to find another 1p...:-)

  ened 16:41 22 Nov 2008

I just typed a reply and it disappeared.

Never mind - I'm sorry about the sarcasm.

You are probably correct because Tiscali did the same thing to me the moment I transferred.

All I can suggest is sending a mail to everybody in your address book asking anyone who sent anything to the old address to resend it.

Don't forget many of them will most probably have bounced back anyway.

  nobbie 22:13 23 Nov 2008

no problem ened....
thanks for your help...
it is appreciated :-)

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