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  alanstan 17:36 29 Nov 2006

Hi, could you please help me? I put a trial software into my pc, to get the trial I had to give my email address and since then I have been unindated with email`s as many as 3 a day,
I use Outlook Express and I have blocked the sender but I still get the email`s coming into my deleted box,
Is there a way of blcking them before they reach me?? I am still a bit of a novice so any help would be appreciated......

  Technotiger 17:37 29 Nov 2006

Hi, what was the trial software?

  alanstan 17:40 29 Nov 2006


  Technotiger 17:43 29 Nov 2006

Hmmm, Ashampoo is a recognised and well known genuine piece of software, I thought perhaps that the software might have been something dodgy. If you are using XP, perhaps a System Restore might fix - or - Run RegScrub, this should sort out any loose ends in your Registry.

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  Kate B 17:53 29 Nov 2006

Three a day is hardly inundated! It's not a bad idea to have a webmail address that you use solely for signing up for things and which you don't collect from via a client such as Outlook Express. If you've blocked the sender, surely it's not a huge chore just to let them accumulate in the junk folder and empty it once in a while?

  Enoch 18:32 29 Nov 2006

I have had a crazy situation with incoming spam. I went from a half a dozen a day to well over 150 per day, and half of these were not to MY email address but to [email protected]. I had got to the stage of considering changing my server as "mailwasher" and all other spam protection sites were losing the battle.

My ISP offered me another way of stopping spam for a charge of £2.00 per month. Money well spent. It seems there are other ways, over and above the ISP filters (who, in their own way stop any email that do NOT have a return address to their sent email) which all ISP's have. However they do it, it works. I have gone from well over a 150 spam emails to less than half a dozen a day. Even the 6 that get through can be stopped by letting the protection know were they eminate from.

So, spend time on a phone call and time with your ISP to find a way to protect yourself

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