email problem

  joelle1230 20:23 04 Apr 2006

my friend is having problems attaching pictures to emails
he is with wannadoo and signs in for emails from there home page
he gets to the picture he wants to send double clicks you see a progress page count to 100% then get a error message saying to big
when i first showed him how to send pictures there was no probs it attached straight away
i am with aol so am no help to him

thks ian

  john-232317 21:40 04 Apr 2006

Tell your friend to download click here and reduce the pic sizes.

  bluto1 23:02 04 Apr 2006

By trial and error I found an easy way to send photo or photos by email.I opened a "new folder" did a drag and drop of however many pics I wanted to send, then right clicked the folder and from >sent went to >Mail recipient.
It has not yet failed

  bluto1 23:03 04 Apr 2006

for sent read send. Obviously too much red

  terryf 00:01 05 Apr 2006

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