email problem

  [DELETED] 16:02 12 Sep 2003

Hi I hope somebody can help,I can send emails to everybody ok,however I cannot to one address.I keep getting my mail sent back .People can send me emails ok and I can receive emails from the address I have been trying to send to.I just cant send them.Any ideas. thanks shirley.

  [DELETED] 16:03 12 Sep 2003

What does the return message say?

What are you usign to send the mail?

Is the address held correctly in the address book?

Does this happen when you reply to messages or even when you start the messages yourself?

  [DELETED] 17:03 12 Sep 2003

sorry i will try to make this more wife posted the first question,and did not make her self understood.

she is using freeserve fsmail the web base account.

the address she is sending it to is a college,and the correct address.

she can send to over people from this email account.

she can send to the college from my outlook express email.

she was able to reply to the college at one stage but not any more.and she has sent 2 emails before ,but is now not able to.

there is nothing in the blocked senders box.

the return message says undelivered mail returned to sender.
the diagnostic report says something about x-postfix(what ever that means).

the address is correct in the address book.

it still happens when she creates the message herself.

hope you can help as she is trying to do her college work from this email account.

cheers charlton.

  [DELETED] 19:24 12 Sep 2003

There isnt something weird going on here is there? click here I wouldnt like to say "Is there another virus out there?" but.....!! Oh I just did :o))

  [DELETED] 13:14 13 Sep 2003

no i don't think she has got a virus.anyway i hope not.

  [DELETED] 13:18 13 Sep 2003

Can you post / send me the full return report? If you e-mail it to me I'll remove any e-mail addresses before posting here. Please don't remove them yourself. I'll explain why later.

Click to the envelope next to my name and copy and paste the message in there.

If you want to that is...

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