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  Parson 19:41 09 Mar 2003

I recently received an e-mail written in Word, with a photograph "inserted" and also as an attachment. The photo covers about 4 screenfuls and, when i try to print it, I get the text but only about a quarter of the photo. The attachment
can't be opened because the alternatives (a code number and "Save the attachment") are both grayed out.
What can I do?


  Pesala 20:17 09 Mar 2003

A quick workaround.

Copy and paste the text into Word and print the email. The copy the graphic to the clipboard and paste it into your graphic program. Resize it and print it out at a more reasonable size if you wish.

  brambles 21:10 10 Mar 2003

If you open the Word Document:

Click on the phtograph to select it - even though you can't see it all

Right click & you will have an option to format

Click on format & you will see a tab marked size

This will show the present size of the picture - just alter the dimensions to something more reasonable.

It works I did exactly the same thing yesterday.


  Parson 14:41 11 Mar 2003

Many thanks, Pesala and Brambles for your replies.
Unfortunately neither sugge3stion worked! I wasn't able to copy the photo into Word or everything would have been easy. I used a combination of the suggestions - Select All the e-mail, Right click the picture, Save and then Open it into Photoshop. Bingo! It worked! Problem
solved. Thanks again.

  hoverman 14:59 11 Mar 2003

Couple of suggestions:

a) ask the sender if they can send a smaller picture.

b) right click on the email attachment/picture and save to your hard drive. Them import the picture into a program such as Paint Shop (if you have one) and use that to to reduce the image size.

  woodchip 15:36 11 Mar 2003

It's Outlook Express that is stopping you saving the file you need to change the security settings

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