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  dottylotty 21:55 02 Feb 2005

hi can someone plz help me i checked my email earlier today had no problems about 3 hours later wen i clicked onto outlook exspress to check emails i get dissconected every time . the out look page comes up on screen then bang im disconected . plz can someone help xx

  nyleridedog 22:03 02 Feb 2005

hi dottylotty

so does you outlook express close? or stay open?

if the program closes when you try and open it, that may mean your outlook express program is corrupt!


  Chezdez 22:08 02 Feb 2005

in which case it needs reinstalling (you forgot that bit :P )

  Chezdez 22:26 02 Feb 2005

e-mail from dotty lotty


ok thanks for ur help i carnt re install it i dont have a xp disc comp was a mates b4 mine and he never gave me one

you don't need to reinstall XP, just outlook. do you have your office disk(s)? if so, pop it in the drive, and when it autoplays, it should give you a choice of a repair installation

and please keep everything on the thread please, this way we can all learn, and other people can chip in with idea, thanks

  FelixTCat 23:11 02 Feb 2005

Do you mean that Outlook Express shuts down or that your internet connection shuts down but Outlook Express remains open? If the latter, go to Tools - Connections. There is an option to shut down the internet connection after checking mail. Untick the box.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:08 03 Feb 2005

In Outlook Express click on Tools menu>Options>connection tab>and uncheck Hang up after sending and receiving....TT

  dottylotty 20:19 03 Feb 2005

does anyone know a good free download virus checker i have avg on but that doesnt do a virus check in safe mode

  gel 07:31 04 Feb 2005

To save space on disc is it possible to save or send my email folders to a CD.
I am almost sure I have seen this item recently raised in the forum but cannot find it

  gel 07:36 04 Feb 2005

This responce should have been a new subject (which see) sorry about that

  watchful 07:52 04 Feb 2005

Did you try checking the settings? as above

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