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  Buoyroy 22:02 09 Oct 2003

I have just changed ISP and therefore email addresses (3) I can only get Outlook to download messages from the main address, when I test email settings it tells me all is OK, but the only way to get the message is to use Webmail, any ideas??

  LastChip 22:05 09 Oct 2003

Take a look at the forth post in this thread and see if it helps. click here

If not, please tell us your new ISP, and we will see if we can help further.

  Buoyroy 22:28 09 Oct 2003

Thanks for reply, but it doesn't seem to help. New ISP is Tesco and I'm using outlook not outlook express, although I have tried to check emails with outlook express but with the same result ie only downloading messages to the main account address

  LastChip 22:33 09 Oct 2003

In Outlook, have you set your profile to reflect the new ISP?

I can't check it here, as I don't use Outlook at home, but I seem to remember, Outlook links a specific ISP to your profile. Perhaps it needs up-dating to reestablish the link.

  DieSse 23:24 09 Oct 2003

Can you explain a bit more please?

What does this mean "downloading messages to the main account address " ??

What is the "main account address" - the old one or the new Testco one?

What error message do you get? - rather than just "can't do it" please.

Have you double checked the settings on your new email account in the Outlook account settings?

Therer s no need to link anything to an Identitiy - you can set up as many email accounts as you want for Outlook to check.

  Buoyroy 18:55 10 Oct 2003

Thanks for the reply, I hope these answers will help,When I go to send and receive it appears to check the 3 email addresses although I only get messages for 1 address, all addresses are on the same account (, and when I check (1) & (2) on the web mail page it shows all new messages.
I do not get any error message, and I have removed and re entered the addresses but still the same outcome, I look forward to any other suggestions.

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