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  Djohn 17:15 26 Nov 2003

Hi guy's, I've just yesterday changed from AOL to Zen ISP, so for the first time using Outlook Express.

With AOL browser I was notified immediately if mail arrived, and just clicked the mail Icon to read.

I've set O/E up correctly and everything is working fine except for one slight problem. From tools/options in O/E I've set to "Check for mail" every 5 minutes with sound.

But while browsing through IE6 I don't seem to hear this notification, so unless I click on the mail Icon from IE to check for mail, I don't know if there is any waiting for me.

Once I click on the mail Icon, then "Read" from the drop-down menu, the sound is played and mail downloaded instantly.

Is this the correct way of the system working, or am I missing something. Sorry for this apparently basic question, but I have been cosseted by AOL for the past three years. :o(

Many thanks. j.

  spikeychris 17:17 26 Nov 2003

John, set OU to check every one min and send yourself one, what happens?

  cycoze 17:19 26 Nov 2003

Have a look in control panel/sounds you can see if email notification is on/off change the sound etc.

  Djohn 17:34 26 Nov 2003

Just doing a check now!

  cycoze 18:16 26 Nov 2003

hrrrrrm Djohn , you do have to have OE open minimized , i just re-read your post , and noticed you said "Once I click on the mail Icon, then "Read" from the drop-down menu, the sound is played and mail downloaded instantly."

I think thats the only way it will work , if the program isnt running it cant check for mail .

  christmascracker 18:16 26 Nov 2003

Outlook express has to be minimised to the taskbar for it to notify you.

I use mailwasher and minimise it to the system tray instead

Hope this helps and I'm not telling you something that you already know

  christmascracker 18:17 26 Nov 2003


  Djohn 18:34 26 Nov 2003

Think that's what the answer may be! I have just tried several test.

IE6 open and logged into this forum.

Click on the mail Icon on the toolbar and open express, send a mail to myself, and keep express open, do a manual check and the mail is there instant, with sound.

Same as above but wait for one min. and sound plays and alerts me to mail.

I have been sending an email, then closing express expecting to be notified through "IE6" that mail had arrived and all I would need to do is, click on the mail Icon to open/read from express. What a Dumbo! I did say that I had been baby-sat with AOL! ;o)

Thanks spikeychris, for your help as well.

So if I want to be kept notified of email, without doing a manual check, then I keep express open and minimised to the taskbar, that way I hear the sound and know that mail is waiting, or close after using and do a manual check whenever I feel I need to.

Many thanks guy's. Regards. j.

  Djohn 18:39 26 Nov 2003

"Hope this helps and I'm not telling you something that you already know"

Yes, it helps very much, and I didn't know of the workings of the two programs. :o(

With AOL you just browse along to your hearts content, then when mail arrives, "Connie" shouts at you, "You have mail" ;o)

Many thanks. j

  soy 18:40 26 Nov 2003

For outlook express to check for emails at the specified times, Outlook needs to be kept open. If you close the application then it won't be able to do so. The only way, is to minimize OE as a tab on the taskbar and keep it open all the time. Microsoft should have designed it to be minimised as an icon to go with the others next to the clock but this feature may have slipped their mind.

Fortunately, you won't have to suffer the ugly tab. Their are third party programs that can minimise it as an icon in the taskbar.

One such program is 'OE tray' (Free) by WRS: click here

Hope this helps.

  terminus 18:42 26 Nov 2003

An alertative is download incredimail it gives a choice of notifies, visual/sound.
It has a free version, takes over OE without being made the default mail system

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