Email no card

  holligan 21:37 27 Jan 2004

When i send a email to a friend he says he cant get the card when he clicks.

In my email box when i click the sent mail i can see the card

when he sends me a card i receive the email but when click to see the card it says not avaible


i have outlook express w98

he as aol xp


  Big Elf 21:48 27 Jan 2004

What sort of card is it? Is it sent through a particular website? If so please post a link.

  holligan 22:40 27 Jan 2004

scooby doo and bbci ones not mine haha mabye haha

its my daughters they send to there cousin we have never had trouble when they email each other

but since sending him some he cant see them when he clicks

you must sit waiting to answer my questions haha

radios still going


  Big Elf 22:51 27 Jan 2004

I do sit here just for you:0)

However can you post a link to the site(s). I'll try to send one out myself and a friend to test it.

Am I right in thinking that since you sent him one he can no longer read them? You do run an Anti Virus program don't you?

I can't let down a fellow Yorkshireman can I?

Glad the radio still works at least.

  holligan 23:05 27 Jan 2004

click here

he cant read them they work if we send 1 to another but when he sends here we get page unaviable

it may be his comp hes only got it and dont no nowt about them

i do anti v yes he was on about getting a fire wall what that does i dont no


  mewshu 23:16 27 Jan 2004


  mewshu 23:16 27 Jan 2004


  mewshu 23:17 27 Jan 2004

hope someone can answer litte one still cant read them

  hugh-265156 23:26 27 Jan 2004

does installing click here help any?

  mewshu 00:18 28 Jan 2004

less of the dont know nowt .
thank you huggyg 71 i have installed it litte one will be happy.

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