Email Mystery

  paulhicko 16:46 03 Dec 2003

I'm being bombarded with emails, supposedly from my own email address.

Invariably, they're selling viagra or muscle relaxants. What they all have in common is that my own name shows up in sender box and my own address is under details. When I click on 'block sender' in OE, it deletes emails and puts address on blocked sender list. Yet a few minutes later same emails come bouncing back.

Not only is it happening to me, it's happening to my wife and kids as well.

All 4 addresses are lineones

  madPentium 17:15 03 Dec 2003

You are not alone, everyone is complaining about spam emails. I just wish the international community would make it illegal. I cant understand why they havn't so far. Out of interest I checked out an email address that I stopped using a week ago, just to see how many spams were in there. Would you believe over 1800 in 7 days, now that's a pain.

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