Email messages through PCA

  rawprawn 08:48 02 Aug 2003

I have had several emails from people in this forum passed on by PCA. How do you send them ?

  Forum Editor 09:02 02 Aug 2003

by clicking on the small envelope icon next to their username at the top of one of their posts. When we set up the facility we were anxious to safeguard the privacy of members who might be emailed in this way, so we devised an automatic process that hides the recipient's address from the sender.

The mail is sent automatically - we don't see these messages before they go. If you send an email in this way the recipient will obviously see your address, otherwise they wouldn't be able to respond, and if you reply to a mail that comes from another forum member that person will then see your address.

We would prefer forum users to respect each others privacy, and only use the mail facility when invited to do so, or when there's something of a confidential nature to say. We do not tolerate any abuse of the mail link, and if it comes to our attention that anyone has sent an abusive message, or has misused the facility in any other way, we will immediately ban the individual involved from further forum access.

  rawprawn 09:07 02 Aug 2003

Thanks guy's, I feel like a real rawprawn for not knowing.

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