Email merge, Outlook 2002

  exdragon 10:16 24 Jun 2005

Hi - not sure if I'm barking up the wrong tree here, but I've set up a personal address book for a society and want to import 500-odd names and email addresses from an Excel file. I've saved this file as a CSV.

I've got the Microsoft instructions, but can't find out how to import the information into the newly created addresss book. Am I missing something? All I want to do is email all the members with the same information (it's something they will be expecting!)

Thanks - oh, got XP and Office 2000 (Outlook is 2002 as it came with my sync disc for my PDA)

  Taff36 11:34 24 Jun 2005

I understand what you want to do and you can import these by opening the address book and going file>import & export. Then select import from file, select CSV (Windows), and then navigate to the file.

However. I prefer to do this another way. I have to communicate with 180 Rugby clubs and some 300+ referees. Basic information that includes for example the information we hold on our web based database. (They can update it using their own logins at any time) I am supplied an Excel spreadsheet with each individual, information fields and e-mail address from our webmaster. Because the information can change on a daily basis I couldn`t possibly keep track of it myself.This week I am reminding all the clubs that we need accurate info on club contacts, (Secretary, Fixture secretary etc)

I do this by creating a mail merge document in Word that is linked to the current excel file supplied. I can then tell them what we have on our database for all their officers and their contact details. At the end of the merge I merge to e-mail. Check if this facility is available in your version of Office. Post back if you need more help. It`s a nightmare first time through!

  exdragon 13:06 24 Jun 2005

Hmmm, Taff36, your way sounds a bit complicated!

This will probably only be used a few times a year: it's geared towards entrants in a photographic competition; they can, for example, download entry forms from our website, but if we can email them, it will make sure they remember to enter! We can also use it to send results etc.

If I open the address book I've created, I don't get the Import option, just New Entry, New Message and Properties - unless I'm looking in the wrong place. The Help option doesn't seem to have info on importing into anywhere other than Contacts

  exdragon 20:14 24 Jun 2005

Any offers from the evening shift before I give up on this one?

  goffer23 23:00 24 Jun 2005

Taff36's idea is the easiest for you (all good Welshmen think alike ;)) )
Open Word, open tools/letters and mailings and follow the e-mail message wizard in the task pane. (if not open, click view/task pane).
In step3 when asked to select recipients, browse to your .xls file and select all your members or edit as you want. Not that complicated and quite quick - you can use a similar list to do all your Xmas card labels etc, etc.
Happy mailing

  exdragon 09:29 28 Jun 2005

Got it, I think. I was creating a new address book by using Tools, then adding it from there. However, making a new folder under Contacts by right clicking seems to do what I want - I can then import from the .csv doc.

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