Email link within an Email

  rmt 23:54 11 Jun 2004

I want to send someone an email with a different email link within it for them to reply to. The problem is when they use the link to reply, I need a copy sent to a different address without them knowing. But, using html, if I build a bcc into the mailto link, it still shows up that someone has been bcc'd in and that's what I don't want.
Any help much appreciated

  johnnyrocker 23:57 11 Jun 2004

sounds suspicious to me.


  VoG II 23:59 11 Jun 2004

Devious, I would say.

I think we need a full explanation of why you want to do this.

  johnnyrocker 00:03 12 Jun 2004

i think it should not be here at all without a valid explanation.


  Lionheart ? 08:56 12 Jun 2004

Sounds dodgy.

  rmt 10:12 12 Jun 2004

There's nothing suspicious or dodgy going on at all, I simply need a member of staff who works at a different location to receive a copy of the email, but the customer may be put off by seeing someone cc'd in who they have not heard of. So I thought the simplest thing would be to try and hide the cc'd address completely.

  johnnyrocker 11:24 12 Jun 2004

would have been better if you had put it clearly in the first place, and the solution would be to bcc it.


  rmt 14:10 12 Jun 2004

Yes I've tried the bcc option, but when you click on the email link and the "new mesasage" window pops up, the bcc line still shows who is going to receive it.

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