Email that keeps coming in despite marking it SPAM

  RISC OS user 21:55 10 Apr 2013

This morning my wife received an email which appeared to come from our daughter, she opened it and it was a slimming advert. Now there is nothing we can do to stop the email from keep coming into her inbox. I have marked it SPAM in Yahoo but this does not seem to stop it. I believe our daughters email account in has been accessed and her address book stolen.

the subject is "----4/10/2013 5:25:52 AM----" the sender is "Kxxxx Lxxxxx" the recipient is ....... [email protected],[email protected],"my wife's name".

What can I do, I think it corrupted my wife's PC so I have re-formatted the "c" drive and re installed a disc image from about a month ago.

  lotvic 00:10 11 Apr 2013

Yup, for several months there's been and still is a problem with Yahoo email accounts hacked. Those emails usually just contain a link that when clicked on will take you to a webpage that will then infect your pc. Good anti virus security programs on your pc and a Web Shield should stop page opening. I'm using Avast free but any good Web Shield is what you need to prevent inadvertently going to an malware infected page. I also have SpywareBlaster (free program) that blocks most malware from installing. Free program needs manually updating.

Your daughter needs to take the action. First thing is for her to change her password and if possible delete her contacts from Yahoo webmail server if that's possible for her to do. (I obviously don't know if she uses Yahoo as webmail only or if she downloads and sends from her email client program on her pc)

Unfortunately it could also be that now your daughters email is 'out there' other spammers will use it as a spoof 'from' address.

You could set up a code word for your daughter to include in subject header/title of any emails she genuinely sends you. Then you will be able to delete any emails that don't contain the code word.

The action you have taken should mean that you have a clean pc so I would just delete any emails. You could also set up a 'mailing rule' and block them. I have mine set to delete any that contain certain words.

  lotvic 00:15 11 Apr 2013
  RISC OS user 10:52 11 Apr 2013

Thank you for your most help full reply. We both have ZoneAlarm Free, SpywareBuster, also running is Windows Defender. You also mentioned "mailing rules", do you mean words in the recipient field? I used to run Spybot but took it out as I believed it slowed the PC down, do you think I am right?

  spuds 11:07 11 Apr 2013

Having taken all the other precautions you might want to consider trying one of the many anti-spamming programs available on the internet.

My ISP had many problems in the past with spam, so they introduced a anti-spam into their system. It seems to work, and what small amounts get through, generally are removed and listed, but this can take a few days to activate once notified.

  lotvic 12:26 11 Apr 2013

"mailing rules" if you can set them up really depends on whether your email client on pc or webmail settings have the ability to do that. You would have to explore the settings of each to find out if possible to do. (I'm still using the old fashioned Outlook Express on this pc)

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