Email - Is it possible to...

  Scoundrel 07:04 24 Aug 2005

Receive them on my organiser, which I'm buying soon?

Oh, I know my PDA-phone (an o2 Xda II Mini) will be email capable, but I specifically want the same emails that come to Outlook Express on my PC at home to come to my PDA as well or instead of.

Is it do-able?
Also, it it possible/advisable to view all websites from a PDA or only ones that have 'handheld' editions?


  vinnyT 11:30 24 Aug 2005

Somewhere on the email client you use, there will be a checkbox which allows you to leave emails on the server (rather than deleting them when downloaded).

IE. when you download email 1, it will still be on the server, so your pda/phone will be able to see/download it when you log on. So long as you use the correct logon details, of course.

The only prob with this is that all you mail will remain on the server and take up space, you are only allocated a certain amount by your provider.

So, it would be better to have 1 of your email clients set to delete mail when downloaded. EG. if your pc is set to 'delete mail when downloaded', you would download with your pda first, then the pc to get the mail on both.

Hope this helps (and makes some sense, just doing this off top of head as i only have pc).

  Scoundrel 06:57 25 Aug 2005


I had a quick look in Outlook last night. In the account properties section there was a box (ticked) saying 'include this account when receiving mail or sycronising'.

So are you saying that I should uncheck this box if I want the emails to go to my PDA? when I get home, I should put the tick back and the emails will then come in to the PC as well?


  vinnyT 15:01 25 Aug 2005

I use Thunderbird, in Tools-Account settings-Server settings, there is a box, that if I tick it, it will leave the mail on the server (for the period I decree).

I would then be able to collect the mail from the server on 1 or more machines, as you wish to do.

There is, I should imagine, something very similar to this in Outlook (maybe they explain on microsofts site, their knowledgebase is very good).

In Tbird, if I wanted to do as you do, I would leave the box checked so the mail remains on the server, that way, when I get home I can download the mail onto my pc, which I leave unchecked and the mail is deleted from the server.

Hope this helps.

PS I can't stay online all time and as we can't check our postings, I may not find/reply to your queries as fast as you or I would like. I only came accross this today because I looked forther down the forum than usual.

  Scoundrel 16:54 25 Aug 2005

Outlook does not appear to have this handy feature you mention, but I'll try the k-base.

Is it easy to set up T-bird? I guess it is just a case of setting up my email accounts on it? can I have it and OE running on the PC or should I disable OE?

As for the forums,I get emails to tell me a new reply has been left in a topic, and a link that goes direct to it.

But the view postings option is disabled at the moment which is a pain!


  malcolm59uk 17:03 25 Aug 2005

Look toward bottom under delivery
Tick Leave mail on server
Tick remove after(insert number)so many days.
I use 10in box.
Hope this helps.

  Scoundrel 17:13 25 Aug 2005

Outlook Express

  Scoundrel 17:21 25 Aug 2005


Just so I follow you exactly. If I set up the email prog on my PDA with exactly the settings currently being used on my PC, the emails will still only go to the PC.

But If I set things up as you decribe above for (example)30 days, then for that 30 days the emails will appear both on the PC and the organiser?

What 'happens' after 30 days?
Sorry if I'm being so dense about this guys!!

  Scoundrel 17:38 25 Aug 2005

Bela - what is a PPC?
I'm willing to buy some software if you can help me?

  Scoundrel 17:38 25 Aug 2005

Bela - what is a PPC?
I'm willing to buy some software if you can help me?

  Scoundrel 17:39 25 Aug 2005

Bela - what is a PPC?
I'm willing to buy some software if you can help me?

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