Email ID Stuck in microsoft servers

  midasman 09:56 28 Jan 2010

Please help

I didn't renew my domain name in time with Microsoft office live after a lot of hassle i manged to renew my domain with Melbourne IT for the extortionate rate of £150 for 2 years. Now i have been told by Microsoft i cannot have my primary email address back because it is stuck in their servers for 120 days thats one third of a year. They tell me their is nothing they can do to manually remove the email id from their servers and to just wait.

Their must be some way to remove it i bet a million bucks they would get it removed if it was their primary email stuck in the servers.

Many Thanks

  Forum Editor 23:45 28 Jan 2010

1. You had a domain name registered via Microsoft Office Live, and you forgot to renew it, si it lapsed.

2. You re-registered it with someone else.

Right so far?

Where is the name now hosted - is it parked with the new registering company? If it is, can you upgrade to a cheap hosting package with them? If you can, you can create your own email address, including the one that's 'stuck' somewhere in a Microsoft server.

When you send an email the mail servers look at the part after the @ symbol, and then find out where the domain name is hosted. They send the message to the name server involved, and that looks for a mailbox with the part of the name before the @ symbol. If it finds a box it puts the mail into it, and you download it via Outlook, or whichever mail client you use.

Microsoft can't tie up your email address if they don't have the domain name hosted on their servers.

  midasman 14:17 29 Jan 2010

Thanks Forum editor for your reply much appreciated.

I had to re register the domain with a company called Melbourne IT this is where it was sent by Microsoft office live.

I was advised by office live support in order to get my emails back i had to then transfer the domain back to office live which i did so.

What they didn't tell me at the time of transfer was that i wouldn't be able to get the primary email address back.

Are you saying that if i transfer the name to another host i can have all my emails back. If so do you recommend any hosts. Any advice is much appreciated.

  Forum Editor 00:13 30 Jan 2010

In your opening post you refer to the fact that "i cannot have my primary email address back"

and now you're asking about getting 'emails' back.

Once you have registered a domain name you may host it wherever you like - you don't have to leave it with the company via which you did the registration.

When you have a hosting package associated with the domain name you can create your own mailboxes, and can have any email address you like. In fact most decent hosts will allow the creation of hundreds of email addresses, depending on the type of hosting package you pay for.

I always recommend Heart Internet as a decent hosting company, mainly because I have dealt with the company for a long time, and I know them to be a reputable company. There are plenty of other hosts though, so check around before committing to anyone.

  Jameslayer 17:49 27 Feb 2010

Sorry are we talking about accesing the emails u had on the acount previously or gaing control of the actual email adress?

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