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  ewebber 10:31 16 May 2005

Hi All,

in my office we all have email addresses in the formula [email protected] recently I have found that a lot of my emails will not go through to individuals accounts, I thought this might be a problem that we have with our server, but someone said to me that it could be due to the fact that it uses first names and that some spam filters will filter the emails out for this reason. Does anyone have any thoughts/expirence with this??

Thanks ewebber

  octal 13:20 16 May 2005

I don't think it should be a problem, I have a web site that I use my first name in the format [email protected] and I never had a problem. Have you noticed it happening with any particular server? That might throw some light on the culprits.

  pauldonovan 13:23 16 May 2005

..but it is possible. However, you'd expect people find it in their 'spam' folder and perhaps let you know if you chased up the email with them. Emails generally don't just dissapear if they are spam...they get staged somewhere first.

Has your email server been blacklisted maybe? What software do you use?

You could switch on logging if you think you can repeat it. Does the problem always occur with a particular address - i.e. can you repeat it?

Can you setup some different format email addresses to test?

We don't have any dots in our email names but we haven't had that issue.

I haven't heard of spam filter software looking for first names.

  Hamish 13:45 16 May 2005

When I receive emails from Motley Fool Money they asked that you add them to your contact list to stop them going to spam and I wonder if the persons you are emailing had your address in their contact list the message would then go through

  ewebber 13:55 16 May 2005

...guys that something for me to be getting on with.
best wishes

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