Email has stopped working again

  bumpkin 20:21 27 Feb 2018

This happened about a year ago but I managed to fix by swapping the SSD for a backup one. I use Thunderbird or EmClient on win10 desktop.

I have tried 3 ssd drives and an old hdd one. They all give the same message asking for a password which fails to work even though the password was saved. Tried other passwords to no avail.

Laptop using Win7 gives the same as does my phone. This is the second day, could it be their server. I am using TalkTalk.

  LastChip 20:49 27 Feb 2018

TalkTalk has proven to be a notoriously unreliable service. It's probably their servers, particularly given you've tried two independent operating systems.

  Forum Editor 22:22 27 Feb 2018

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  KEITH 1955 22:59 27 Feb 2018

last chip is correct , ALL email program get your emails from your individual server , so it is nothing to do with your pc it is your isp server that has the problem , to prove this , log into talk talk and look at its email section , I check my bt server every couple of days because its server sometimes stops emails reaching my pc because it thinks some of them are spam.

proof that thunderbird is NOT faulty is you say you cant retrieve emails from pc or phone , they cant both be faulty.

extra info.. some servers "learn" what people are rejecting so if lots of people reject say emails from a local venue then you might not get the latest concert info even if you subscribe to them.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:54 28 Feb 2018

They all give the same message asking for a password which fails to work..............

That means your password is being rejected. There are currently no widespread TalkTalk problems of that type so it's almost certainly an issue with your account. Try this for me:

Try to login to your mail account on the TalkTalk webmail page here. If you can't then click the "Forgotten your password?" link, follow the prompts to change your password, then enter that new password into Thunderbird or eM Client's password box when it appears. It should be as simple as that.

  bumpkin 10:24 28 Feb 2018

It should be as simple as that.

It was once you told me how, many thanks.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:07 28 Feb 2018

Thanks for the update Bumps.

By the way, regarding the question you asked on your "why so many adverts on the site" thread, have read of my post here.

  bumpkin 20:58 01 Mar 2018

By the way, regarding the question you asked on your "why so many adverts on the site" thread

It was awest3 that posted it not me but looking at your reply regarding JavaScript I may well try using Chrome for this site. I currently use Firefox.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:38 02 Mar 2018

Apologies, I meant your "annoying constant video ads on screen" thread. Geoff suggested turning off JavaScript for this site only and you asked how to do it. Your description of your ABP options indicated that you were using Chrome.

  bumpkin 21:47 02 Mar 2018

Thanks, now using Chrome with Javascript off and that works fine.

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