Email has dissappeared from in box

  ponytail 17:26 03 Oct 2014

I sent a email to find out what engine oil I need for my new car came back 1 hour later and the reply was in my junk mail.I right clicked and moved it to my in box as I need to reply with my Reg number and could not reply while it was in junk mail.I then clicked on reply and sent it then for some reason my email found it's way to drafts.I then licked on it and now it is gone alltogether cannot see it anywhere.This has happened before.Have looked everywhere junk, draft,deleted and inbox nothing anyone got any explanation.Thanks.The reply went through ok

  ponytail 17:32 03 Oct 2014

Just found the missing email in flagged so how come it ended up there wanted to move it back to my in box but will not move so have to leave it there.What are flagged messages for as there are several in that folder.

  Jollyjohn 14:55 04 Oct 2014

Which eMail program are you using?

This will help give a specific answer. You could try clicking on the flag so the message becomes unflagged, then it may show in your inbox.

  lotvic 15:38 04 Oct 2014

When you 'lost' some emails last July ClickHere for Thread you discovered you had flagged them (which means marked as important) you decided you had clicked on the flag by mistake.

For those trying to help: In linked thread, ponytail said "I use hot mail and Windows 7" and in another thread ClickHere said also have gmail.

  ponytail 17:54 04 Oct 2014

I do use hotmail and my OS is windows 7 I do have a Gmail account which I rarely use.When the message was in flagged I did click on the flag and then the message dissapeared altogether.

  lotvic 19:04 04 Oct 2014

webmail hotmail

Flagged Emails only 'disappear' from the inbox if you've clicked on 'Hide' the flagged messages.

If I have 'Hide' selected then when viewing just the Flagged messages - if I UNflag an email it shows again in the IN box.

Have a look near the top left - underneath where it says +New and make sure you have View set to All

  lotvic 19:20 04 Oct 2014

"flagged messages ...there are several in that folder"

It would seem that at some time you have chosen the option in the the Inbox to 'Hide' flagged messages, look carefully there is an option to UNhide them.

Even if they are hidden in your Inbox, when you are viewing the Flagged messages just click on the flag symbol to UNflag them and they will reappear in your INbox.

Junk folder: If a message that you want to keep is in there, open the message and at the top click on 'Not Junk' and the message will be moved to your Inbox.

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