Email hang-up

  [DELETED] 21:38 05 Nov 2003

System is Win.98SE Outook Express 5.0 Server is BTOpenworld.
Normally email is OK. Last two days on connecting I'm told "Receiving 1 of 10 messages" then "..2 of 10..";"..3 of 10.."; then at "..4 of 10.." it sticks and sticks and sticks. It is indicating "Receiving mail" and goes on for about 40 minutes then closes down with error messages about being unexpectedly terminated and timed-out.
I thought it might have been a very big (or nunerous) image.
I've tried 3 times sofar and each time I receive messages 1,2 and 3.
Is there a way I can get message 4 "written off",I've gone right off it !
Or any other suggestions.

  [DELETED] 22:02 05 Nov 2003

It is a while since I used it but when I had a similar problem the helpline gave me a method to access the offending mail on the server where I could delete it. Sorry cannot now find the details I suggest you contact them.


  beeuuem 23:37 05 Nov 2003

Go to click here navigate to your Bt openworld account and delete the offending mail from the server.

  [DELETED] 00:00 06 Nov 2003

beeuuem, you deserve a medal!!!
Your suggestion worked a treat and so quickly.
I found my bro-in-law had sent me some photos and the email was wonder it took ages.
If he's going to do that sort of thing he can use snail-mail.
Thanks again, Mananin

  powerless 00:07 06 Nov 2003

or you could tell your Brother to send the pics as *.jps, *.JPEG much smaller file sizes.

  beeuuem 00:14 06 Nov 2003

My pleasure - though I was only passing on info gleaned from this forum when others posted with a similar problem.
Tell your B- in law to resize before sending.
If he doesn't have XP, Ifanview is free from
click here

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