Email hacking or phishing??

  BingoBoy 08:33 06 Mar 2013

Over the last week or so I have received a number of emails from contacts of mine that just contain some link to a site such as Bromley Mum makes $8,000 a month. These emails haven't been sent by the persons concerned so something has been hacked. The emails sent to me contain other CC email addresses that are not from my contact list. Therefore my question is whose PC/email has been hacked? What threat exists in my PC having looked at one of the links? And what can I do about cleaning my PC?

  Chronos the 2nd 09:04 06 Mar 2013

It is likely that one of your contacts address book has been hacked, but it would not hurt to run a full scan of your PC.

Obviously you do not click on any links with in these suspect emails or else you are like to have an infection on your PC.

  chub_tor 09:51 06 Mar 2013

There seems to have been a sudden surge on these emails. I have received three from different family members in the past two days. All have either Yahoo or BT-Yahoo email addresses. The only thing you can do is to advise the sender to change their password and delete the spam mail you have received from them. As Chronos the 2nd says do not click on the links.

  Diemmess 10:57 06 Mar 2013

I'm having the same experience. From two widely separated contacts (one family, one an advertiser in village magazine).

All three of us use BT Yahoo. Each email has either no subject or more recently merely the sender's name

Contents are merely a link to a commercial site but exiting brings the offer to "click" on a button!

I run Malwarebytes about weekly finding nothing, however a rare run of Spybot SD found a clutch of cookies.

I have assumed that my end is safe enough and a word to the senders might clear their risk. Have yet to catch my busy daughter. Obviously this is an exploited weakness in their security.

chub_tor, your advice seems best.

  spuds 11:00 06 Mar 2013

There does appear to be a recent increase on this type of mail, so as already suggested, do not click on any suspect links.

I am also finding that previous PPI claim firms are now trying other tactics, which are voiding other pre-set spamming avoidance and protection, if you have installed any on computers. perhaps a rethink on updating security or anti-spam methods?.

  BingoBoy 11:06 06 Mar 2013

This is the type of thing I am getting with name of sender in subject box and seem to be Yahoo or BT emails.

  lotvic 11:32 06 Mar 2013

Also had them from family member with other family addresses listed as sent to, and one from a freecycle group member with other sent to addresses listed. All came from from Yahoo addresses.

Looking at the Headers and source of email lead me to think one is pure spam as send route has been suppressed thus: 'Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)'

The family one however had sender hosts listed and Avast states: Inbound messageX-Antivirus-Status: Clean so I presumed pc would only be infected if I clicked on link. So being curious - Further investigation (using spare pc that I can wipe and re-image if any problems) when I clicked on link in email Avast Network Shield stopped it - wouldn't even open browser - Red Alarm popped up with message link was to a Malicious URL that was completely different url than the one stated in email link

I was pleased to be re-assured that Avast Network Shield was so efficient :)) I'm using Avast Free.

I have to add that the emails had passed as 'clean - no virus' all the checks on email providers filters and on my Avast email filter. So my conclusion is you only get infected if you click on link and go to the malicious web site.

  Snrub 15:06 06 Mar 2013

I recently had BT Yahoo email problems. My inbox showed that I had sent a repeat of emails to all 'my contacts' of old emails that I had sent months/years back. I did several malware scans and came up with no infections showing on my computer. I then received an email from BT/Yahoo advising me to change my password if I had'nt sent them from a Polish website. I changed my password and this stopped a repeat of old emails being sent. My thought are that BT/Yahoo have been hacked.

  johnincrete 16:26 06 Mar 2013

It's in Crete as well! I got an email from a friend who says he did not send it

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