Email Hacked again so what to do next?

  Cymro. 13:36 25 Oct 2013

For the second time in as many years my Email program has been Hacked and Span Emails sent to all my Email Contacts. After the first attack I make sure I log off properly and have changed to a much better password. However the same thing has happened again. This time they also deleted all my contacts list. The BT Helpline managed to get rid of the infection and even restored my contacts list.

So where do I go from here to avoid such problems in the future? I am willing to change to a new password more often, say every month or so perhaps?. I suspect that I need to do more. I have seen the write-up on the Oxynger KeyShield 1.1.0 on the PC Adviser Home Page. Should I install this or something similar?

If such a problem happens again what should I do? Last time I isolated the senders address in the Blocked Addresses file of my Email program. This Hacker is from a different address and anyway it was BT themselves who sorted out the problem for me and they did not put the Hackers address in the Blocked Addresses file so it is too late for me to do so now.

I have a Dell Computer running Windows7 64bit with Microsoft Security Essentials installed.

  onthelimit1 15:30 25 Oct 2013

This from another forum

"There's no need to scan email, only attachments and that is done by all modern antimalware programs as the files are written to the PC file system.

All of the major AV vendors have been telling their customers for several years now that 'email scanning' is no longer necessary, it's a holdover from the early days of AV programs when Microsoft hadn't yet created the API (Application Programming Interface) sets that allow the AV programs to scan a file before any user access (including email programs) is allowed. "

  Woolwell 16:11 25 Oct 2013

Are you using webmail or an email client. I suspect that this is webmail and is it by any chance Hotmail or If it is webmail then I'm not sure that you ie your pc has been hacked but it could be your account on the host server.

  rdave13 16:14 25 Oct 2013

Why not try out a different email service such as Gmail?

  lotvic 17:19 25 Oct 2013

I wonder if it's anything to do with 'BT dumps Yahoo! email after hacking claims' click here

I thought BT had changed it to new servers, BT mail click here

  finerty 19:31 25 Oct 2013

try gmail

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