Email filtering/blocking emails

  Vonnie 16:34 25 Aug 2004

Can anyone tell me how I can change the filter level on my email account as I am sure some of my mail is not getting to me? I can alter the setting on my hotmail account but do not know how to do this on my main e mail account. My service provider is Pipex.
Also, does anyone know how I can block an email address from my account as I am getting a lot of rubbish through recently?
Thanks for your help!

  [DELETED] 17:20 25 Aug 2004

It may help if you could tell us what email client you are using - Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora etc.

  Vonnie 19:49 25 Aug 2004

Johnsims - I use Outlook.

  Eamonncw 22:23 27 Aug 2004

First who is your ISP. Do not answer the question here for security sake. If your email address is
"somebody @ ISP" then make your ISP your default email provider.Go to Control Panel ...Internet Options.....Connections and then make your ISP your Mail provider. They should have a firewall etc to protect their clients, if not a change of ISP is in order.

  Vonnie 22:33 27 Aug 2004

Thank you for that - have just altered the filter level.
Any idea re the blocking of email addresses?

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