email error code

  Eddie 2425 19:23 13 Jul 2010

still on ntlworld, now virgin, trying to open emails comes up with error code Ox800ccc90 tried disabling avg reinstalling windows live mail and of course system restore.
help please
thanks Eddie

  johnnyrocker 20:12 13 Jul 2010

you could try click here


  chub_tor 20:16 13 Jul 2010

sounds like an av problem, see this post click here

  anniesboy68 20:17 13 Jul 2010

Virgin are mucking about changing the "platform" so I'm told by a nice indian lady overseas I assume.

  anniesboy68 20:18 13 Jul 2010

re earlier post..... regarding e mail system being off line

  Rahere 20:20 13 Jul 2010

Have you tried Google?

this code is a mail collection issue - account or password is not authenticated

It may just be a mail server problem from your ISP ... however, try this;
In Outlook/Outlook Express/Live mail:

Click on Tools/Accounts and on the account "account name".
Select Properties
On the "Servers" Tab UNcheck the box that says "Secure Password Authentication Account" near the bottom of the panel

  Eddie 2425 21:02 13 Jul 2010

hi thanks guys for your help , sorry could have put more info on here. for 3 days now email error code comes up.have uninstalled avg virus still error, deleted email account and uninstalled /reinstalled windows live mail and done system restore. i have had my account since ntlworld without any problems. i have also gone to properties in mail and it is set to clear text authentication, tried to ring virgin and bloody hell they even give you a choice of music to listen to while you dont get through, any more help please sick at looking on google getting the same answers but no resolution
thanks all for your help

  Eddie 2425 21:09 14 Jul 2010

thanks guys for your help finally got through to virgin they are upgrading their email and have also changed their port numbers from 110 recieving to 995 and from 25 sending to 465
but my problem turned out to be my router, all i had to do was reset it, took him an hour to find out the problem
thanks again

  anniesboy68 12:49 17 Jul 2010

Are you sending and recieving now?????????????, because I'm not. Have changed my port numbers, it wants to connect now but times out

  Eddie 2425 17:41 17 Jul 2010

hi yes i am sending and recieving ok now, go into your properties where your port numbers are and slide the time out to 5 mins and if you go onto virgin media help page and email help page there is a full page on setting up the emails, hope this helps

  Dark Mantis 20:18 17 Jul 2010

To be fair Virgin Media has sent out numerous emails listing the changes and how to fix the setup or even use their supplied automatic tool. I guess that people don't bother reading their emails properly.

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