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  transcript 20:13 28 Mar 2006

Can someone please help. I have PC in upstairs and laptop downstairs. I have wireless connection.
I am able to work both machines OK. If I send email from laptop to someone and get a reply from them it does not display on my Laptop(downstairs) which meands I have to open PC upstairs to view reply.
I am not sure how to rectify this as I amm fairly new to computing. Could someone please give me step to step instruction how to set up laptop te receive reply's to messages I have sent from laptop.
Thank You

  johnnyrocker 20:15 28 Mar 2006

do you have an e mail account set up on the laptop exactly as the one on the pc?


  johnnyrocker 20:26 28 Mar 2006

Don't think so! not sure how to go about that.

you will need to create the account exactly as you have on the pc, what mail client are you using?


  terryf 20:27 28 Mar 2006

Go to OE>Tools>accounts. open acount(s) on PC. Export to a shared folder, go to the laptop and go to OE>Tools>accounts Click on import and import account from shared folder.

  transcript 20:54 28 Mar 2006

Thank You for your assistance regarding "email enquiry using laptop". Unexpected visitor has helped me with my enquiry.
Thank you all once again.

  terryf 21:03 28 Mar 2006

Please tell us how the visitor fixed it so that if we have the problem we can search for it

  transcript 17:48 29 Mar 2006

Thank you to all who answered my enquiry .
The problem was I omitted to enter my password when setting up new email account on laptop. If I have any more problems I will not hesitate to get in touch.
Thanks again.

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