email emergency recovery

  pienter 23:47 28 Jul 2003

A few years ago one of my emails prevented the downloading of the rest of my inbox and I was advised to use a different route to access my correspondence at the server where I could see the guilty item and decide whether it could be deleted or manipulated in some way. Unfortunately I have lost the record of the programme that was used although I have a vague idea that it was hidden somewhere in Windows 98. Does anyone have any idea of which programme it could have been?

  DieSse 23:57 28 Jul 2003

These days, most ISPs have web mail - where you can go to their site on the web, and look directly into you email boxes.

This accomplishes the same thing rather more simply.

  xania 12:47 29 Jul 2003

Use click here to check your e-mail anywhere in the world.

  Jester2K II 13:04 29 Jul 2003

Popcorn - click here

JBMail -
click here

  Big Elf 13:08 29 Jul 2003

email remover click here

  pienter 22:00 29 Jul 2003

Many thanks for the replies. Clearly things have advanced a lot since the recovery programme I used a few years ago.

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