EMail duplication

  goll_y 11:12 06 Aug 2003

I currently have a bigfoot email account to which people send an email. Bigfoot copies this and sends it directly to my yahoo account where I can read this. However, for bigfoot to copy the email and send it to both my yahoo account and orange account requires me to pay a quaterly subscription fee. Can anywhere do this for free?

Please help

  xania 13:42 06 Aug 2003

Why not simply open your e-mails
click here
first and send a copy to each of your other accounts yourself.

  goll_y 13:57 06 Aug 2003

because I want text alerts which I can get when an email gets delivered to my orange account but I want to read them in yahoo.

  xania 15:23 06 Aug 2003

I don't know how Bigfoot works, but I would have thought that whichever way orange & yahoo reacts to Bigfoot, anything you do in Mail2web would have the same reaction. Try it and see - you have nothing to lose.

  goll_y 16:40 06 Aug 2003

bigfoot is just like the master postman. My email address would be [email protected] to which people rsend emails. I can't read them at the bigfoot web page, it just acts like a postman and delivers the email to numerous email accounts.

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