Email Double Trouble

  silent 15:29 28 Jul 2004

Win XP. When I send an email with an attachment which is a photo,the photo also then appears below the text. This means the email is sent with the attachment and the text and photo.
How can I get rid of the photo below the text.

  smokingbeagle 16:03 28 Jul 2004

In OE, go into options/send/HTML settings and untick the box"Send pictures..."

  silent 10:20 29 Jul 2004

smokingbeagle Thanks

  david4637 16:37 29 Jul 2004

I tried your tip on my W98SE PC. Unfortunately it still sends the attached image in the text area. Any ideas? Thanks David

  silent 14:01 30 Jul 2004

smokingbeagle - sorry in my haste the suggested answer appeared correct. As david4637 has found out the suggestion hasn't worked. Help any one out there whats the answer.

  smokingbeagle 00:32 31 Jul 2004

Have you tried switching to Rich Text format in Tools/Options/Send ?

  david4637 17:11 31 Jul 2004

I do not have the option to send RTF when using Tools/Options/Send. Just get choice of HTML or Plain text. I use HTML because I like to send a decent font. Please clarify. Thanks David

  Daveboy 18:14 31 Jul 2004

How do you attach your pictures.Insert/picture-this will place pic in body and add as attachment.
Insert/file attachment (pic file) will add as attachment and not place in body.

  March Hare 18:24 31 Jul 2004

Before attaching the photo, right-click it and select Send to > compressed (zipped) folder. This creates a new zipped file.Attach it to your email and the picture will not appear in the body of the email.

The recipient unzips the file to see the picture.

  david4637 14:56 01 Aug 2004

Insert/File Attachment/select a picture will add an attachment, however when you send it, the picture file is also displayed in the text area, hence my query about how to prevent it in the text area of the email. David

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