Email Dilemma!

  Jim3000 mk2 02:32 12 Apr 2003


1 Flat, 1 PC, 2 occupants.

Occupant 1, call him Fat B*****d Hippy (F.B.H.), has just connected with a new ISP to the web and been given a brand new Email address and it's automatically set up for Outlook Express to send and receive mail.

Occupant 2, AKA Skinny Little Satanist (S.L.S.), has an existing Email account with Lycos and would very much like to access his mail using Outlook Express as well.

The problem(s)

1. We can't configure O.Express to send and receive for S.L.S.'s Emails. Any obvious suggestions for what we are doing wrong? We've closely followed the guide on Lycos explaining POP3 access, no luck so far?

2. Assuming that we overcome problem 1, is there a fool-proof and straightforward way to filter incoming mail for each occupant, and so they won't be tempted to sneak peeks at the others private messages, is there some sort of basic security access function built into Outlook?


S.L.S. & F.H.B.

PS please keep explanations to the most simple layman speak as neither of us know s**t about computers.

  Pesala 10:15 12 Apr 2003

Opera browser has an excellent built-in email client. You can set up a password to access your email. click here

Only problem is, this will create a new dilemma. Who gets to use Opera, and who gets stuck with OE.

I am still new to using Opera 7, but I suspect that you can set it up for two users. It has so many features: click here to ask questions about setting up Opera for two independent users.

  billyliv 10:23 12 Apr 2003

Hi, Your best bet is for both of you to start using 'Hotmail'. Then without knowing the passwords it would be impossible to see each others mail. Cheers, Bill

  acfc 11:21 12 Apr 2003

You can manage your e mails amd maintain privacy by setting up seperate identities.

S.L.S should go to File/Identies/Add New Identity and set this up with his Lycos account details.

Remember when setting up the account to select 'any available connection' for sending and receiving

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