Email Delete Help Please

  Green 1 00:45 29 Apr 2003

Can anybody help me, When I have read an Email and delete it it goes to the Deleted items folder, now it used to number the items I deleted but now it dosn`t say anything, making me think that there are no Emails there but there are and I have to delete them. How can I get it to number them again please? If the answrer is too complex I won`t be able to do it as I`m not very techie, I am running W98,OE5 if that helps, many thanks for any replies.

  DieSse 00:53 29 Apr 2003

I'm not sure what you mean by "number them" - if you mean the blue number in parentheses immediately after the folder name - this is just the number of "unread" mails - not the total number.

A "read" email is one that's been viewed or previewed for the approprite number of seconds. I usually turn mine down to 1 from the standard 5 - otherwise it keepd it as "unread" even if you've already had a long enough glance to know you don't want it!

  hugh-265156 00:59 29 Apr 2003

ive had a few spam emails in the past with no subject line so dont even bother to read and move to deleted items folder to get rid.might be a quirk but these dont show as being there ie/ 1 item in folder etc. but sure enough open the folder and there it this what you mean?

  Green 1 01:21 29 Apr 2003

Yes huggyg71. But they do have a subject title, when I click to delete the email it goes to the deleted items folder but is not then numbered,1, 2 Etc, in blue, Many thanks for your time.

  Ironman556 01:22 29 Apr 2003

If you want to know how many mails you've deleted, then when you've finished reading, you could right click the mail, and mark it as unread. Then when you delete the mail it will appear as unread in the deleted items, so show a number by the recycle bin.

  DieSse 01:45 29 Apr 2003

If you go to Tools - Options - Maintenance, then you can tick the top box (Empty messages ... etc), and your Deleted folder will be automatically emptied as soon as you close the program. Then you won't even have to think about whether there's anything in the Deleted folder.

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