Email contents changes when dropped into a folder

  Royal Male 18:11 01 Apr 2011

In Windows Mail if I drag and drop an email into a folder the contents of the email changes to the original email in the folder but the date and time of the dropped email remains the same. For example in one folder I have seven emails with all the contents the same as the original but with the correct days and times when I received them. I had a look on the internet and I could not find anyone who had the same problem.

Thanks forany help

  lotvic 18:27 01 Apr 2011

You must attempt to explain your problem so that it can be understood.
What do you mean by 'original email in the folder'?

  Royal Male 18:50 01 Apr 2011

Lotvic. If the original email in the folder just said 'Hello Royal' and I dropped another email into the folder with the entire works of shakespear on it. When I come to open up the email with the entire works of shakespear on it it will say 'Hello Royal' therefore I have two emails which will say 'Hello Royal' and any subsequent emails dropped into the folder will display 'Hello Royal'. Some of emails had important contact details which I don't think I can retrieve.

Again thanks for any help

  Nontek 19:21 01 Apr 2011

If this has only recently started, try a System Restore back to when it was all ok.

  Woolwell 20:48 01 Apr 2011

How are you dropping them into the folder? Are you dropping them on top of an existing e-mail?

  lotvic 22:19 01 Apr 2011

What antivirus are you running? you must disable Email scanning as that can screw things up click here

  lotvic 22:24 01 Apr 2011

I found exact same problem click here Corrupted Windows Mail Local Folders
and how they fixed it (read the full thread)

  Royal Male 10:35 02 Apr 2011

Thanks for all the advice guys. It has taken me two to three hours to go through all of the suggestions but unfortunately I am still having the same problem. I would prefer not to do any drastic actions such as uninstall Windows Mail and re install it because I am not that competent to do it.

Any other suggestions or do I try the uninstall route?

Thanks again

  lotvic 14:04 02 Apr 2011

Did you do this bit that was in my link?
<<"What you can do is create a new folder in WinMail. Then open it so you see an empty message list. Then go to the directory of eml files in Explorer and select the eml files (only eml files or it won't work) and drag the selection overtop the WinMail folder message list and drop it and those eml files will then be incorporated into the folder.">>

  Royal Male 16:35 02 Apr 2011

Hi Lotvic. The problem is now solved. I downloaded Windows Live Mail, setup new folders,created dummy emails to drop in the same folder and the contents on each email has not changed. Thank god for that.

Again thanks for your help

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