email client fails to access POP 3 mail

  alternator 09:29 27 Nov 2007

When I initially boot up and start the programs
Eudora or Thunderbird it downloads my emails from btinternet, however when it make a regular check for emails or you click Check Mail, it comes up with the error message " Dominant>, connecting to the Mail Server ....,(10.47:45AM) Error getting network address for "" Cause. requested entry not found(11004)"
I can access the webmail no problem, and the email server will access the emails on an occasional basis but not regularly when I want it to.
I am using XP home, with Zone Alarm and AVG all updated. Using BTinternet premium mail for emails, although I am rsident in Cyprus and using the local CYTANET as an ISP.Can anyone suggest anything that might help the problem.

  jack 09:40 27 Nov 2007

Strange the you get the intial download but erros subsequently.
All you can do is to go to tool/setting and check you pop3 account is correctly entered in the field.
.you did not mention your ISP- some- AOL for example- have a non standard set up that can take some getting used to.

  alternator 09:52 27 Nov 2007

Confuses the hell out of me. I think there might be something more seriously wrong. I am just going to post a thread to see if I can get a recommendation for a registry repairer, to see if that helps.

  beeuuem 10:06 27 Nov 2007

Possibly the firewall or AVG settings? Your problem looks similar, though not identical, to click here

  beeuuem 10:11 27 Nov 2007

click here
"I was getting the same error message and could not figure out why this problem had started so abruptly. When you mentioned Zone Alarm, I went into it to check Generic Host Processes, only to find that Eudora itself was completely blocked! Once I unblocked it, everything was fine."

  alternator 10:12 27 Nov 2007

I will have a look, as I have just let them run in the background and not really made any changes to them since they were installed. So it could well be the problem as I have changed my ISP twice since getting the computer

  alternator 10:19 27 Nov 2007

Thanks beeuuem
Just checked, but they are not blocked. It would make sense anyway if it allowing the emails to be downloaded on initially use but not afterwards, but thanks for trying

  alternator 15:10 27 Nov 2007

I am putting this as resolved as there doesn't seem to be a solution. Or at least not one readily available

  octal 15:19 27 Nov 2007

Just a long shot, un-install Thunderbird and delete the Profile folderm then re-install thunderbird again, make sure you've backed up you addresses and emails you want to keep as you will loose them otherwise. This is the location of the Profile folder;

C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\ on Windows XP/2000 or C:\users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\ on Windows Vista, and the rest should be obvious.

That will make a clean install of Thunderbird. It might not work, but nothing to loose.

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