email - change drive on networked pc

  Mrs Bear 11:01 24 Sep 2011

Dear All

We have 5 computers running off one main pc and would like to swap the email to be dealt with from the 'c' drive to an external hard drive. What is the best way to do this with minimal disruption to the other pc users.

thank you for your time.

regards Mrs Bear

  gengiscant 12:24 24 Sep 2011

Not sure that you have described what you want to do very well. Could you provide a few more details. which email service do you use for instance?

  Mrs Bear 19:22 24 Sep 2011

Hi gengiscant - thanks for getting back so quickly. Yes, you are right, I haven;t explained myself very well. We have 6 btconnect email addresses which are forwarded to us by 123reg. We seem to have lost our emails signatures which makes me suspect that in transferring our information to an external hard drive, we have, in the process, lost some connections with our email, or maybe created a bit of a probelm elsewhere. I wondered how to rectify the probelms with the signatures and how to make the email more robust. Also wonder generally if it is a good idea to keep emails on an external hard drive.


Mrs Bear.

  gengiscant 07:35 25 Sep 2011

Thanks for the extra details, but it also means that I really have not got a clue to solving your problem as I am still unsure as to what you are trying to achieve. But I do have a question that I am aware that you have BT email addresses that are forwarded by 123reg, my question is forwarded to where or what? Would this be Outlook? or something else/

As to where you store or back-up your emails, I really do not think it matters where this is.

I myself use Google so mine are backed-up to their servers and important ones are then back-up also to my NAS drive.

  Mrs Bear 18:01 25 Sep 2011

Thank you - it has been really useful. I think I know what I need to do.

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