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Email can't send

  zoobie 19:57 12 Sep 2006

Email can't send POP3 because my ISP has suddenly blocked ports 25 & 26.

Isn't there a way around this using their servers to send?

I have 4 email accounts with my domains I've been using for years.

How do?


  zoobie 21:47 12 Sep 2006

It's NetscapeConnect which has suddely gone gaga...Shame...It was WalmartConnect using AOL's software until Netscape bought them out. Several years of good service completely down the drain.

In OE, I tried to connect to their server but, of course, there's no options for various accounts and passwords

Looks like I'm stuck


  zoobie 22:13 12 Sep 2006

To anwer your q, they have blocked ports 25 &26 and said no 3rd party software will connect with my smtp anymore so I cancelled after 5 years.

What's another good ISP that I can use ports 25 or 26 that's good and cheap in der USA?


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